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These herbs can help in spiritual work or healing

  • What the herbs are for:

    Angelica root: Protection, love, healing

    Agrimony: Hex breaking, protection, binding

    Acacia: Warding off negative influences, spirits, and malevolent energies, healing wounds, pain relief, oral health, fiber, reduces body fat

    Alfalfa: Money, protection, health, prosperity, good fortune, good luck.

    Healing: kidney conditions, bladder, increase urine flow, high cholesterol, asthma, diabetes, upset stomach, bleeding disorders

    Astragalus: Strengthening the body against disease, cancer fighter

  • Continue:

    Abre Camino: Road opening herb, removes road blocks, gain opportunities

    Blessed thistle: Hex Breaking, purification, protects against evil eye, and negativity, cleansing

    Burdock Root: Cleansing, protection, cleanses blood and urine, diuretic, can increase sexual energy

    Buckeye: Luck, Money, increase men’s sexual potency, rheumatism, prevent menstrual cramps

    Black walnut leaf: Healing, mental powers, infertility, granting wishes, banishing negative energy, cutting ties with ex lover, evil eye

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