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Crystal Jones

Most amazing service and reading ever!! Thank you so very much! My reading was the confirmation I needed 😌 🙌🏽


Chantia Davis

Truly one of the dopest readers and advisors I've encountered! When I need to hear the raw truth....she is my go to!


LaToya Richardson

Yall.  The hypnosis session was the best thing I’ve ever done.  I was holding onto some things from my past, and was stuck in life. When I tell yall the day after my session, blessings was coming from left and right.  Healing is magical!


Nicole Lacey

My session was wonderful.  I had never had a reading before and I was nervous going in. She told me how it would go at the beginning and set my mind at ease. Before I knew it, she was reading my cards and information was flying at me at rapid fire. Be sure to have a pen and paper near by. I've had a lot of heart ache and she could see that my heart chakra needed to be healed. Before my reading I had been feeling so overwhelmed and anxious, since my anxiety has reduced greatly and I'm feeling much better about the direction my life is headed now. �

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